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Economics 102, Principles of Macroeconomics
Economics 101, Principles of Microeconomics

Economics 221 and 421/422, Canadian Economic History [INTERNET]

Economics 304, Canadian Economic Problems [Capitalism in Canada]

Economics 382, Economics of Ageing in an Ageing Society

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National Transfer Accounts

The Principles of Economics ?

Misbehavior in Behavioral Economics and
the Unhappy Thing about Happiness Economics

J.J. Spengler's New History of Economics

Gresham's Law and the Staple Theory

The Staple Theory of Canadian Economic History

Federal Fiscal Policy in Canada

Central Banking and Government Policy: Canada, 1871

Central Banking and Government Policy: Canada, 1935

The Globalization/Continentalization Paradigm, with special reference to the Maritimes
Varieties of Scientific System: Veblen and the Postmoderns
Development, Happiness, and the End of Neoclassical Policy