Biostats Course VHM 802 at AVC - Winter Semester 2018

In 2018, the VHM 802 (Advanced Veterinary Biostatistics) will not be offered as an independent course, but the joint material with VHM 812 (Epidemiology II) will be co-taught between the instructors of the two courses. The purpose of this webpage is to give direct access to this material and any other reference material from VHM 802 of relevance to these sessions.

Schedule of joint sessions with VHM 812

SessionDateHoursRoomTopicsCourse book
1a-LFri 5/19-12LCIntroduction; Simple linear regression and extensionsVER:14.1-3 (14.8-10)
1b-LTue 9/113-16LCMultiple linear regressionVER:14.1-3,5 (14.8-10)
1-PFri 12/19-12LCLinear regression (lab)VER14:1; add2:1,4,7; (add2:2,3,5)
2a-LTue 16/113-16LCModel building for linear regressionVER:14.4,6,7
2b-LFri 19/19-12LCLinear regression diagnosticsVER:14.8-10
3a-LTue 23/113-16LCModel buildingVER:14.11; VER:15; VER:30
3b-LFri 26/19-12LCIntroduction to logistic regressionVER:16.1-5,8
4a-LTue 30/113-16LCInference for logistic regressionVER:16.1-8
4b-LFri 2/29-12LCModel building for logistic regressionVER:16.8-10
5a-LTue 6/213-16LCDiagnostics for logistic regressionVER:16.12
4-PFri 9/29-12LCLogistic regression (lab)VER15; VER16:1,2,3 (add4:1,3)
10b-L: 1 2Tue 20/313-16LCIntroduction to clustered data; Clustered linear modelsVER:20+21.1-2,5
11a-L: 1 2Fri 23/39-12LCClustered generalised linear modelsVER:22.1-4+23.5
EL-1Wed 23/510-12LC1Repeated measures modelsGO:16.6 + notes
EL-2Wed 30/510-12LC1Multivariate approach for repeated measures
LC = AVC Learning Commons 280N; LC1 = AVC Learning Commons 286CN

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