Announcement of VHM 8010 Veterinary Biostatistics (e-mail 11/6-2019)

Announcement of the Biostats 801 course

Please find below an outline of the Veterinary Biostatistics course 
VHM 8010 for the Fall Semester 2019. 

To (informally) register for the course, send an e-mail with name and 
affiliation to (Henrik Stryhn, Dept. Health Management). 
You may also indicate if the suggested schedule below is inconvenient 
- the schedule may be changed to suit the participants better (conditional 
upon available rooms for lectures and labs). For further information, 
contact the course lecturer, or consult the course homepage (at the 
bottom of this message) with the most recent and detailed information.

Henrik Stryhn,
Department of Health Management, AVC


Biostats VHM 801 course - Fall Semester 2019

Time:  August 29 - November 29
- lectures: Thursdays 9-11am in AVC Learning Commons 278N (280N on Sep 19); 
            start Thursday 29/8, 9-11am
- labs: mostly Mondays 1-4pm (some Fridays 1-4pm) in the large computer lab (AVC 218S); 
        start Friday 30/8, 1-4pm
- final exam (tentative date): Monday 9/12

Textbook:  several textbook choices exist, see course homepage;
contact the instructor if you need additional information

Course contents (keywords):
- Data and Descriptive statistics
- Normal distribution
- Sampling and Design of experiments
- Probability and Random variables
- Binomial distribution
- Statistical inference: estimation, confidence intervals and tests
- Analysis of one and two continuous samples (t-tests)
- Analysis of one and two discrete samples
- Two-way tables
- One-way analysis of variance
- Two-way analysis of variance
- Simple linear regression and correlation
- Nonparametric methods
- Sample size calculations
- Introduction to Bayesian statistics
- Reporting of statistical analysis in papers

Examination:  final exam, optional mid-term exam, plus home assignments

- elementary mathematical calculus
- elementary computer applications

Lecturer:  Henrik Stryhn, Department of Health Management
- e-mail:, phone 894-2847, room 412S

Course homepage:

Henrik Stryhn ( 2019-06-11