Biostats Course VHM 801 at AVC - Fall Semester 2014

Welcome to the homepage of the biostats course VHM 801 at AVC, last updated 16/12-2014.

Course assignments and exam

Preliminary schedule for the Fall Semester 2014:

SessionDateHoursRoomTopicsTextbook reference
1-LThu 28/89-11LCIntroduction; Descriptive statsS:1.1+2+3; BM:1+2; MMC:1.1-2
1-PFri 29/813-16CLMeet MinitabMM:ch8; 1:1,10,16,42,51,65,72,77; x:1 (1:22; x:2)
2-LThu 4/99-11LCSampling; Experimental designS:1; BM:7+8; MMC:2.6+3.0-2
2-PMon 8/913-16CL2:7,67; 3:4,10,14,40,95; x:3 (2:69; 3:6,18,19,52,94)
3-LThu 11/99-11LCProbability; Distributions and random variablesS:4; BM:9+10; MMC:4
3-PMon 15/913-16CL4:14,26,48,71,75,76,78,122,123; x:4,5 (4:9,10,52,56,73,92; x:6)
4-LThu 18/99-11LCNormal and binomial distributions; Sampling distributionsS:5+6; BM:11+12+13; MMC: 1.3+5
4-PMon 22/913-16CL1:110,111,113,117,121,127,145; 5:47,49,51; x:5(c),7,8; home assign.2001:1 (1:123,144; 5:53)
5-LThu 25/99-11LCStatistical inference I: estimation, confidence intervalsS:7; BM:14.1-3+15.1-2; MMC:3.3+6.1
4-RThu 25/912-13S5:49,51; home assign.2001:1
5-PMon 29/913-16CL5:7,14,40,54,64; 6:13,14,33; x:9,10 (5:9,59; home assign.2010:1)
6-LThu 2/109-11LCStatistical inference II: tests; One continuous sampleS:8; BM:14.5-7+15.3-4+17; MMC: 6.2-3+7.1
5-RThu 2/1012-13S5:7,40; 6:33
6-PMon 6/1013-16CL6:68,70,87,95,140; 7:4,50,64,73,74; x:11 (6:85,103,108,142; home assign.2009:2)
7-LThu 9/109-11LCTwo continuous samples; One and two discrete samplesS:7.3+8.2+9; BM:18+19+20; MMC:7.2+8
6-RThu 9/1012-13S6:85,95; 7:4,64
7-PFri 10/1013-16CL7:58,59,91,102,103,104,143,145; 8:1,21,62,84,85; x:12 (7:66,93,132; 8:98; midterm 2013)
8-LThu 16/109-11LCNon-parametric methods; Power and sample sizeBM:27.1-2+19.5; MMC:6.4; notes
7-RThu 16/1012-13S7:102,103,132; 8:84,85
8-PMon 20/1013-16CL6:38,39,115; 7:68,127,129; 8:33; 27:8,19; x:13 (x:14; midterm 2012)
8-RWed 22/1011-12Smidterm 2013
9-LThu 23/1011-13LCTwo-way tablesS:2.5+11.2; BM:5+22; MMC:2.5+9.1-2
9-PMon 27/1013-16CL8:103; 9:36,38,39,40,44,48,50,52; x:15 (8:67; 9:20,62)
10-LThu 30/109-11LCOne-way analysis of varianceS:11.3; BM:24+26.1-2+27.3; MMC:12
9-RThu 30/1012-13S8:103; 9:50; x:15
10-PMon 3/1113-16CL6:7; 12:1,9,25,35,43,54,55; 27:22; x:16,17 (12:26,27,40; 27:45; midterm 2008; final 2008:2)
11-LThu 6/119-11LCSimple linear regressionS:10.2-3; BM:4+23; MMC:2.1+2.3+10.1-2
10-RThu 6/1112-13S12:54,55; x:17
11-PMon 10/1113-16CL2:11,12,48,53,59; 10:12,17,38,39; x:18 (10:26; final2006:3)
12-LThu 13/119-11LCCorrelation and regresssion; Bayesian methodsS:10.1; BM:3+23.5; MMC:2.2+2.4+10.2; IPS supplement (regression) + notes (Bayesian)
11-RThu 13/1112-13S2:53; 10:17; final2006:3
12-PMon 17/1113-16CL2:2,27,28,57,60; 10:7,33,40; x:19,20; final2008:3 (2:50; 10:18,27; final2012:1)
13-LThu 20/119-11LCTwo-way analysis of varianceBM:26.4-6; MMC:13
12-RThu 20/1112-13S10:18; x:19; final 2008:3
13-PMon 24/1113-16CL13:3,4,15,16,19,31; 26:33,37; home assign.2003:4; final 2009:3 (26:17,18,19; home assign.2011:4b)
13-RThu 27/1112-13S26:33; home assign.2003:4
14-LFri 28/1113-15LC2Course wrap-up
14-PFri 28/1115-16CLfinal 2011:1-3; final 2008:1; final 2008:2 (final 2007; final 2009; final 2010; final 2012; final 2013; home assignments 2006-2013)
LC = AVC Learning Commons, room 286N B/C; LC2 = AVC Learning Commons, room 278N; CL = AVC large computer Lab (room 218S), S = AVC 3 South seminar room (351S),
legend for textbooks: S=Stephens; BM: Baldi & Moore; MMC: Moore, McCabe & Craig,
listing of exercises: numbers refer to Supplementary exercises MMC, x=Extra exercises, parenthesis=optional

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